covid 19

Covid-19 over the past two years has become an everyday consideration for us all, and will be something we are all thinking about as we move into the event season.

Vaccine passes
In regards to vaccine passes for 2022 - our entry process reflects the latest regulations, which is currently that any student enrolled at a registered school is exempt from vaccine requirements when participating in school related activities.  We will not be requiring vaccine passports for Smokefreerockquest or Smokefree Tangata Beats entrants enrolled in registered schools.
Although not required in Orange or Green in the COVID-19 Protection Framework, if we return to Red, Teachers or support crew accompanying the band may be required to show their vaccine passport when entering the venue.

Your friends and whānau can watch you perform either live from the audience if your region is still in Orange or Green in the COVID-19 Protection Framework, or remotely via livestream.

Mask wearing (when not performing) is encouraged.

There are many moving parts, and we appreciate your understanding and patience while we continue to adapt alongside the New Zealand Government guidelines.

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Smokefree Tangata Beats (

Alongside SFRQ is Smokefree Tangata Beats. This event, again run nationwide for school age students, recognises and reflects the unique cultural identity of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific. Participants must incorporate Te Reo Māori or a Polynesian language, instruments, dance or movement in their performance. The event motivates young musicians to express themselves with cultural relevance, and to encourage their peers to support original Aotearoa Kiwi music.  

Smokefree Tangata Beats standout successes include Alien Weaponry, Strangely Arousing Nesian Mystik, the only New Zealand band to ever have ten singles all certified gold or platinum.